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July League Champions

Congratulations to the Tenn-Tom Thunder for winning the League Championship Series!!  We appreciate everyone for their participation and contributions this summer.

The deadline for new players to send an application is August 8th in order to participate in our upcoming Fall League.

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2014 July League All-Stars

The following players are invited to participate in our summer All-Star game at 4:00 Sunday IF their team gets knocked out of the LCS on Saturday.  Only the representatives from those 8 teams will play in the All-Star game, so we need as many players as possible from this list to show up and play against some of the other top players from this summer.

Andrew Lipscomb, Austin Gafford, Ben Smith, Braxton Peden, Brock Dean, Brock Lindley, Bryson Cass, Caleb Kitchens, Chance Futrell, Chandler Allen, Charles Spencer, Clay Fauklner, Cole Reed, Cole Tomlin, Colt Hale, Dylan Goolsby, Eli Murphree, Harrison Moss, Hayden Copeland, Hunter Moore, Hunter Stephens, Jackson Lancaster, Jacob Kent, Jade Pounds, Jake McDonald, Jared Johnson, Jarrett Walden, John Murphree, John Oliver, Josh Hargett, Josh Smith, JT Gaines, Koby Harcrow, Kyle Olson, Logan Russell, Logan Talley, Logan Whitten, Marquellus Edgeston, Mason Houck, Mason McBride, Myles Steen, Nick Thorn, Payton Griffin, Reed Mitchell, Ryan Melton, Sawyer Byars, Scott Poindexter, Tripp Mills, Tucker Fant, Ty Hill, Ty James.    

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The Plan for the LCS Weekend

As you can tell by the schedule in the upper right hand corner, our League Championship Series starts Saturday at 10:30!!  The winning teams at 10:30 and 1:00 will play another game at either 3:30 or 6:00 against the 4 teams that received a bye.  The entire bracket will be posted near the concession stand.

Additionally, we are naming our summer All-Stars later today.  The All-Stars from the 8 teams that end their season on Saturday (i.e. those who do not advance to Sunday's semi-finals at 1:30) are invited to play at 4:00 Sunday in our All-Star game.

One last note - Sunday's championship game will be broadcast on ESPN Radio 96.3 at 4:00 as a part of our Nolan Brothers Game of the Week series.

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All Star Teams
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